The Verdict: Magic CityGlitz, crime and sex on the beach

NOSTALGIA FOR POST-WWII America has swept across popular culture like a monstrous tidal wave. Sparked by the stunning success of AMC’s Mad Men, demand for retro cars, mod-style suits, and skinny ties have skyrocketed. Inevitably, every TV producer in the country has seen the trend gaining momentum with little sign of slowing down and found a way to toss their felt fedoras in the ring. The mad rush to the ‘60s table has led to a number of unfortunate endeavors—just last fall, The Playboy Club and Pan-Am quickly found their ways off the air.

The latest drama to cash in on the phenomenon is Magic City, which aired its first episode on Starz this past Friday. Because of its 1958 setting, throwback style, and a cast full of smoldering actors and actresses, the most immediate and obvious comparison is to Mad Men. But this is no midtown ad agency we’re dealing with here.

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