Menswear’s Better HalfMore and more talented female designers are focusing their attentions on creating stylish clothes for men

Fifth & Brannan's Kate Wintrode is among a growing number of female menswear designers

THEY SAY THAT BEHIND every great man is a great woman. Sartorially speaking, that adage has never rung more true.

With an expanding attraction to classic menswear among today’s generation, there has come a deep interest among women designers to try their hand in the trade. Yes, there have always been women in the menswear industry, but never before have so many talented female designers made men’s clothing a priority rather than a side project.

Harnessing the same passion men use to design a dress around the sensual curves of a female body, women are focusing on the pragmatic nature of the male psyche, placing a spotlight on the personality traits of men, not the physical. As men’s serious, decisive and loyal attributes take center stage, they manifest in the details: the stitching, the lining, the things most fail to notice at first glance. That is the heart of menswear, and the women with enough moxie to deliver the goods are capturing it.

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