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                  Jinan Eagle Food Machinery Co., LTD located in industry city--Jinan city, capital of Shandong province. We are professional manufacture of food extruder. We mainly deal with the manufacture, research and development of the Extrusion food machinery. According to the client's different requirements, we could offer the whole complete processing line for all kinds of expanded snacks, corn flakes, nutrition powder, and pet food and so on. And our technical assistance will help clients to produce high quality products all the time.As s leading manufacturer of Extrusion food machinery, it is selling and marketing the machines to many countries in the world. We keep improving our machines and upgrade techniques to satisfy the requirements of all the clients. Depending on our rich experience and professional experts on the extruded food industry, we will offer the most suitable and complete program, which assures that your investment will get biggest profit.       【To view more】

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