The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop 2012 VideoThe final part of our collaboration with the L.A.-based groomsmen label

You might remember something about a lookbook we’re pretty proud of that was posted recently here on Handlebar. Well, we put together a little something else that day, too, and this is the result.

The final chapter of our first (and hopefully not last) collaboration with The Grunion Run comes in the form of the video you see above. And while dashing, debonair fellows like Carey Grant and George Clooney have set a high standard for style in film, we really think that we’ve been able to push the bar even higher with this short clip.

Just kidding.

But it does feature some supremely dapper groomsmen attire and a lot of laughs. Here’s hoping that you enjoy our lookbook video as much as we did making it. Watch it above, then take a peek at a few goofy outtakes from the shoot after the jump.

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The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop 2012 LookbookThe debut lookbook from L.A.'s stylish, affordable groomsmen outfitters

WE’VE ALL BEEN there before: Your buddy’s getting married, and he asks you to be one of his groomsmen. You’re thrilled. Honored, even. But then he asks you to drop a couple hundred bucks on an ill-fitting rayon suit that you’re never going to wear again. Not so thrilled now, are you?

That’s where The Grunion Run Groomsmen Shop comes in. Launched earlier this year, the L.A.-based label makes affordable, great-looking shirts, ties, vests and accessories that are ideal for your friend’s Big Day, while also making for solid additions to your everyday wardrobe.

In the interest of full disclosure, we have to mention that The Grunion Run was founded and designed by our co-founder Yang’s sister Yun and brother-in-law Kevin. But believe us when we say that there’s hardly any nepotism at play here—as two style-minded twentysomethings with limited disposable income, The Grunion Run’s well-designed basics are right in our wheelhouse. After all, where else are you going to find a $40 dress shirt with such a perfect trim fit and collar? Or a #menswear-approved slim red chambray tie for a mere $22 bucks a pop?

We’re beyond excited to have been involved with the styling and creative direction for The Grunion Run’s 2012 Lookbook. It’s one of our favorite projects we’ve worked on thus far, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Take a gander below.

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Sartorial Cinema: The Great GatsbyMusings on the lavish attire in one of this fall's most anticipated movies

“They’re such beautiful shirts,” she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such beautiful shirts before.” – The Great Gatsby

If Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s crowning achievement ultimately fails to live up to the hype, no blame can be cast on the costume designers, who evidently brought their A-game to the glitzy, stylized production. The trailer is oozing with peak-lapelled, collar-pinned menswear goodness; play it with the sound off, and you might mistake it for a designer’s extremely high budget video lookbook.

In addition to looking damn good in a tux, Leo’s Jay Gatsby pulls off two stellar summer ensembles with a form-fitting cream linen sport coat and a crisp khaki suit. Our narrator’s preppy getups, meanwhile, show that well-tailored garments can even make a guy as squirrely as Tobey Maguire appear dapper, poised and (kind of) manly. A detail or two might be slightly outdated, sure, but with a few minor tweaks, virtually all of the clothes in Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby would look just as sharp in 2012 as they did in the Roaring Twenties.

It’s further proof that the tenets of classic tailoring — like great works of literature — are enduring, unwavering, indispensable.

Treat Her Right: The Cross-Country Valentine’s Date GuideFive chic, urbane ladies divulge their favorite date spots, and we show you how to dress for each

FELLAS, WE’VE GOT some bad news: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And you’ve forgotten to make plans. Again. That sound you hear is your girlfriend’s forthcoming explosion of rage barreling backwards through the space-time continuum to smack you upside the head.

But don’t start hyperventilating just yet; Handlebar‘s here to help. We’ve rounded up few of our most trusted female friends from across the country — Charlotte Wilder of The Wilder Things out in Boston; Styluste‘s Rebecca Lay and Renee Ogaki in NYC; Pop ‘Stache editor Becca James in Chicago; and designer Yun-Yi Goh of The Grunion Run in L.A. — to recommend the ideal restaurants for a romantic night out that’ll make your better half swoon.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re also going to help ensure you clean up nicely for your Valentine. Our style team has put together a selection of dapper looks designed to match up perfectly with the ambiance of each eatery. Toss in a bouquet of flowers, and you’re certain to carom straight out of the doghouse and into her boudoir.

Don’t forget to thank us later.

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A Night Out: Shimon & Ariel OvadiaThe stylish twins behind Ovadia & Sons spill the beans on their favorite New York hot spots

2011 WAS A BIG YEAR for Shimon and Ariel Ovadia. Over the last twelve months, the Brooklyn-raised brothers watched as their upstart line, Ovadia & Sons, skyrocketed from an underground favorite to the forefront of the menswear market. The label’s sharply tailored threads—which range from impeccable double breasted suits to beautiful sport shirts and heavyweight knits—are now carried in stockists as varied as C’H’C’M and Barney’s, and 2012 looks poised to continue the young company’s rapid ascent.

A great deal of Ovadia & Sons’ success can be ascribed to its founders’ vision and insight. Shimon and Ariel are, in many respects, the perfect dinner party guests: stylish and worldly, eloquent and amiable. Which is exactly why we decided they’re also the ideal candidates to kick off our new “A Night Out” column. Here, the debonair twins take us on a tour of their favorite New York eateries, venues and watering holes, and show you what to wear to each.

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