Trolling The All-Star GameSure, it matters now. But does anybody really care?

AS MUCH AS IT PAINS ME TO ADMIT IT, I watched every minute of Major League Baseball’s All-Star festivities. This isn’t a reflection on the quality of the event so much as the absolute dearth of other sports options. Aside from the first few weeks after the Super Bowl, there is no worse time on the professional sports calendar than early July. The resurgent NBA just wrapped up a stellar championship series, leaving major sport diehards to sift through the athletic dregs. I would sooner watch a Mob Wives marathon than sit through another week of Wimbledon highlights, Dwight Howard trade analysis, and Bounty-Gate.

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Brawl Buster: Pens-Flyers vs. Lane Pryce-Pete CampbellA comparative analysis of the weekend's two biggest scraps

Pens-Flyers or Lane-Pete?

HERE IN AMERICA, a few things are certain. We are going to eat fast food until we feel sick, we’re going to elevate talentless losers into reality stardom, and we’re going to stare if a fight breaks out. Something about two or more people abandoning logical discourse and settling a debate with their bare hands is just infinitely entertaining. Even better, the rise of this thing we call the interweb has given us the chance to engage in nonsensical comparisons of these brouhahas. This past weekend, sports and pop culture fans alike were treated to two of the best scuffles in recent memory. Here’s my take on which of these fights was more worth your time.

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The Quest for the Cup: Conference QuarterfinalsThe battle for Lord Stanley's Mug begins

WHAT IS THE greatest athletic competition on Earth? It’s a nearly impossible question to answer. Compelling arguments can be made for any number of events, from the Olympics to the World Cup, from Wimbledon to the Masters. But the discussion about the greatest physical reward in the world of sports begins and ends with Lord Stanley’s Cup, awarded to the winners of the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Cup is indisputably the most majestic trophy any sportsman can capture, steeped in a tradition unmatched across the globe. The Cup is just that, The Cup. It is not a trophy remade every year like in other sports. The winning organization gets the names of its players, coaches, front office members and other club staff members engraved on The Cup each season. To be able to sip champagne from The Cup evokes feelings of accomplishment that are truly incomparable—hypothetically speaking, of course, as I’ve obviously never done it and never will.

It is mid-April, which means a new quest for The Cup begins for 16 hopeful franchises. There are no guarantees and no true favorites, as the postseason is a totally different beast from the regular season. The Stanley Cup Playoffs is a tournament flooded with drama and thrills, and it begins tonight.

Without further ado, we present Handlebar’s NHL Conference Quarterfinals preview.

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The Depths of Madness: Sweet 16After a crazy opening weekend, Justin Tasch looks ahead to the next action-packed round

Who's Elite?

WHO ELSE IS staring a hole through their bracket and seeing red?

The first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship was electrifying and unpredictable. Basically par for the course as far as the competition is concerned. This particular tournament featured a pair of history-making upsets that undoubtedly had people lighting fire to their brackets as if they were No. 23 Cavaliers jerseys.

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The Depths of Madness: Bracket BreakdownWe kick off our NCAA Tournament coverage with Justin Tasch's picks and predictions

EXCITEMENT, DRAMA, ANXIOUSNESS, euphoria and misery. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship is the most gripping competition in America, invoking all sorts of emotions, and it is upon us once again. Parity is at an all-time high, which should make for even more action-packed, exhilarating affairs. The only thing keeping this tournament from being flawless is the absence of Gus Johnson, who is no longer employed by CBS. March Madness and Gus go hand-in-hand, and so it’s a travesty he will no longer be calling tournament games, depriving us of his greatness.

The time from Selection Sunday to tip-off Thursday is hectic across the country. The ritual of filling out a bracket has become ingrained in American culture. It’s ubiquitous in the workplace, with employees competing for “points” or “units” for obvious reasons. Picking games this week has been as frenetic and frustrating as any year I can remember.

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