Treat Her Right: The Cross-Country Valentine’s Date GuideFive chic, urbane ladies divulge their favorite date spots, and we show you how to dress for each

FELLAS, WE’VE GOT some bad news: Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And you’ve forgotten to make plans. Again. That sound you hear is your girlfriend’s forthcoming explosion of rage barreling backwards through the space-time continuum to smack you upside the head.

But don’t start hyperventilating just yet; Handlebar‘s here to help. We’ve rounded up few of our most trusted female friends from across the country — Charlotte Wilder of The Wilder Things out in Boston; Styluste‘s Rebecca Lay and Renee Ogaki in NYC; Pop ‘Stache editor Becca James in Chicago; and designer Yun-Yi Goh of The Grunion Run in L.A. — to recommend the ideal restaurants for a romantic night out that’ll make your better half swoon.

As if that weren’t enough, we’re also going to help ensure you clean up nicely for your Valentine. Our style team has put together a selection of dapper looks designed to match up perfectly with the ambiance of each eatery. Toss in a bouquet of flowers, and you’re certain to carom straight out of the doghouse and into her boudoir.

Don’t forget to thank us later.

Special thanks to our friends at The Wilder Things, Styluste, Pop ‘Stache, and The Grunion Run

“What To Wear” styling and photography by Yang-Yi Goh