The Famished Gentleman: Halloween EditionGet the most out of your Jack-O'-Lantern with this toothsome toasted treat

SOME PEOPLE THINK that Halloween is a holiday for kids. Costumes, candy, and fun should be reserved for the younger set, they say. Well, here at Handlebar we say those people are dead wrong. In fact, we hope on this All Hallows’ Eve you’ll get dressed up, grab a whole bunch of chocolate and call your friends over for a bangin’ party that keeps the neighbors up all night.

In preparation for those festivities we’re bringing you a recipe straight from the Wolf Family Cookbook that I happen to have perfected— Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. An added bonus: in the process, you’ll craft a spooky decoration with which to deck out your digs.

So when you’re done slapping together that last minute costume (we know—you forgot again), take a minute to peruse our recipe for Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. They’re easy, tasty, and sure to be a hit with all your ghostly guests.

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The Week In Entertainment, Vol. 13We discuss the songs, shows, flicks, and videos that caught our attention over the past seven days

This week, Lianne La Havas emerges as Britain’s next great musical export; another Dr. Seuss classic gets the big screen treatment; Beavis and Butt-head makes its triumphant return; It’s Always Sunny delivers its latest quintessential episode; and a Halloween prank goes hysterically wrong. 

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The Handlebar Guide to NecktiesOur extensive primer on upgrading your arsenal of neckwear and knotting 'em up in style

BACK IN MIDCENTURY AMERICA, neckties were part of a man’s uniform. You wore one with your suit and hat and freshly shined shoes, and you went to work alongside hundreds upon thousands of men dressed exactly the same way. For an entire generation of young people, ties became earmarks of the establishment—a suffocating sign that you’d signed over your individuality to Corporate America—and thus they slowly started to disappear. Our culture began to lose its sense of formality, of dressing with purpose, until eventually drab polo shirts and ill-fitting khakis became the choice de rigueur for appropriate office attire. (There’s a special place in sartorial hell reserved for Mark Zuckerburg and his zip-up hoodies.)

But a rebellion has begun—a renaissance, if you will—and more and more young, well-dressed men are donning ties as a sign not of conformity, but independence. They use their neckwear to stick it to their sloppy forefathers and express themselves in the process. Because really, if you think about it, what else is a tie good for? They serve no real functional purpose beyond making you look good, refined, sophisticated. A man in a tie is instantly more respectable, and guys everywhere are using them to add a dash of personality to their ensembles.

“Expressing yourself with a tie,” however, does not mean wearing that viscose number with Tweety Bird and Taz on it that your mom bought you in the sixth grade. Below, you’ll find our comprehensive guide to doing it the right way. We’ll introduce you to a few of the standout labels from a new, innovative generation of tie makers; give you a rundown on the tie every man should own, the ideal fabrics and widths, and the best technique for tying one on; and, finally, four tastemakers we trust will reflect on their favorite neckwear.

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Rise From The UndergroundHow J. Cole overcame the "backpack rapper" stigma and found mainstream success

RAPPERS LIKE  J. COLE aren’t supposed to sell over 200,000 copies in their first week. At least that’s what many hip hop fans believed. Yes, he has the Jay-Z cosign, but has that ever meant much to any rapper aside from Kanye? (Bleek, unfortunately, is still one hit away). Cole is incredibly talented, there’s no denying that. But he simply doesn’t have the persona of an emcee that most would think is capable of selling the amount of records that he sold. Yet as Cole almost obsessively talks about in his music, the commercial success of Cole World: The Sideline Story” defied the odds and silenced the doubters. So how exactly could a “backpack” rapper do so well commercially, you wonder? Well you’re asking the wrong question. Cole isn’t a “backpack” rapper and he never wanted to be.

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Tumbling AlongTweed jackets! Dogs in costumes! Thought-provoking essays! And much, much more...

A quick note to say that if you’ve yet to check out our Tumblr, you’re missing out big time. It’s loaded with even more of the tried-and-true Handlebar goodness that you’ve come to love—each day, we’ll be uploading outtake shots and behind-the-scenes images, exclusive essays and content, and a smattering of other awesome odds and ends that might not necessarily fit on the main site.

Right now, you’ll find photos from our journey to The Top Shelf Flea in Somerville, MA (Parts 1, 2, and 3); hilarious pictures from our friends Allen and Kami’s bizarre visit to New York’s Annual Halloween Dog Parade; and a reflective essay by Jeremy on the true meaning of success. We’ve got a ton of other cool things planned for the Tumblr, so be sure to bookmark and check in often to see what we’ve got up our sleeves.

And while we’re on the “shameless social-networking self-promotion” tip, we might as well plug our Twitter feed, too: Follow us already!

Good looks, fam. Talk soon.

—Yang-Yi Goh and Jeremy Wolf

Co-Founders, Handlebar Magazine